Terms & Conditions:

The terms & conditions are applied to the people who buy any drug online from Discreet Sleeping pills. It is critical to understand all the terms & conditions before making any purchase or placing an order with Discreet Sleeping Pills. In case of any query, contact us at (Email). Following are the terms & conditions: 

        1. It is essential to understand and accept all the terms & conditions before placing an order.
        2. Our terms and conditions may change over time; thus, make sure to save a copy of the terms & conditions you have accepted before making an order online. 
        3. We respect all country’s laws on the sale and purchase of medicines online; therefore, our terms & conditions do not violate or affect any of those laws.
        4. Although Discreet Sleeping Pills has offered the purchase of drugs online, and it is at our discretion to accept or reject any order. Your order might get rejected in the following situations:
        5. If the contact information provided by the customer is incorrect or incomplete

, b. If the information mentioned on our website was incorrect, i.e., Price or Description, that may have misled your purchase.

        1. If the stock is finished or under the process of restocking.
        2. An email will be sent to the provided mailing address as a confirmation of your order.
        3. An email will be generated to the address provided by the customer about the product, E-bill, and delivery address. Do not place another order before receiving an email for the first order.
        4. If you think your order was mistakenly rejected, kindly contact us on (Email or Phone Number).
        5. The company has all the rights to change the information provided on our website, i.e., Products, Availability Status, Descriptions, or Prices. 
        6. These changes will not affect your purchase once the order has been placed.
        7. Customer can make changes or cancel the order until it is placed and confirmed.
        8. If you want to make changes in the order that has been placed and confirmed by Discreet Sleeping Pills, submit the form given on the contact us page or contact us through email or call.
        9. Company reserves the right to accept or reject the request for the changes in the order.
        10. Check the status of your order by simply logging into your Discreet Sleeping Pills account or by contacting our customer support.
        11. All medicines may not be available for delivery in your country. You will be notified about it at the time of placement of the order.
        12. Shipping charges may vary based on the country and the value of the order. If the shipment requires any other costs that are not mentioned while placing the order, the customer will be responsible for the payment of all additional charges.
        13. The time and date for the delivery of your product are just estimates affected by the circumstances. Although we provide the best customer services for our prestigious clients, we cannot be held responsible for the delay in the delivery. 
        14. The company has all the rights to deliver in multiple shipments.
        15. The medicine will become the customer’s property once all the charges are cleared. 
        16. As soon as the order will be delivered, only the customer will be responsible for its usage, harm, or destruction. 
        17. The price of the product shown on the webpage will be similar to the price in the bill. If you see any extra charges, they will be shipping charges. 
        18. The prices of the products can be changed without any prior notice. The price confirmed at the time of purchase will not be affected by any such change.