Rivotril – Uses, Side Effects & Interactions


Rivotril 2mg is a sleeping pills also known as Clonazepam. Rivotril belongs to the class of medicine called benzodiazepines. Their main function is that they work on the body by stimulating brain cells and send messages to relieve different parts of the body.

The chemical formula of Rivotril is C15H10CIN3O3 and its molecular mass is 315.715 g/mol. It starts acting within an hour after taking it and provides sleep for a good 6-8 hours. You may feel drowsy as its duration of action lasts for around 12 hours.

Rivotril is available in liquid in the form of drops as well as tablets. It is also administered as injections but is given only to the adults and not the children or infants.

It works by enhancing the activities of gamma-aminobutyric acids GABA which is a chemical and its main function is to send messages throughout the nervous system. If the amount of GABA decreases in the body, then it results in panic attacks or epilepsy. Using the drug increases GABA and thus decreases the possibility of seizures.

What Are The Uses Of Rivotril?

Usually people think that the main purpose of sleeping pills is to treat sleep disorders however, the sleeping pills are used by doctors to cure several diseases such as treating epilepsy in newborns, children and adults.

Is Rivotril A Good Sleeping Pill?

Rivotril is considered as one of the best sleeping pills and it is usually given to cure sleep disorders such as short term as well as long term insomnia. It makes the patient have a sound sleep of 6 to 8 hours and the patient must take a proper slumber or this will make you feel drowsy throughout the day. If you are engaged in dealing with heavy machinery or driving jobs, then make sure that you sleep properly. 

Can Rivotril Be Used For A Longer Term?

The long term use of the sleeping pills may lead the consumer towards addiction therefore, it is required to take the medicine as per your physician’s advice. It is always suggested to discuss your medical history with the doctor if you feel reluctant in taking any medicine. Moreover, people with the history of substance addiction and long term usage will not be recommended.

In addition to that, people who are allergic to any of the ingredients present in the benzodiazepine must read the leaflet before you start taking the medicine.

Ask your doctor if you experience:

·                    Short-breathing or wheezing.

·                    Swelling or rash on any parts of the body.

Do Not Take Rivotril If:

·                    You already have chronic lung or liver disorder.

·                    The package reaches you torn.

·                    The expiry date has passed.

·                    Sleep apnea

·                    Diabetes

·                    Muscle weakness.

·                    Blood pigment disorder

How Can You Take Rivotril?

This actually encompasses two features, the first one includes the dosage and the other one includes the way you take any medicine.

For Rivotril, the dose depends upon the level of disease it is being given to cure and it certainly varies from newborn to adult. However, the children are always given the smallest and lightest dose and the adults are given keeping their age, medical history, addiction history etc. in view. It is always recommended to never take sleeping pills by looking at others. For instance, if your friend is taking two pills every day then you may not be needing the same strength.


The tablets should be swallowed with a glass of water on either empty or full stomach (as per your doctor’s advice). However, you can take Rivotril along with juice and tea as well.

Oral drops:

Firstly, make sure that the prescribed amount is taken in the dropper. It is better to take the medicine with a spoon once you have measured the dose with the dropper. Every time make sure to close the bottle carefully.


When it comes to injections, one should be very careful and never try to administer an injection yourself. If needed, make sure that you take help from a doctor or a nurse to get it injected into you.

What Should You Do If You Miss The Dose?

In case you miss a dose then, wait for the next dose, don’t reduce the time between the two doses by taking an overdose because overdose may cause severe after effects. So, don’t go for a double dose to make up the one you missed.

After the overdose you may develop drowsiness, short breathing etc.

What Can Be The Side Effects Of Using Rivotril?

The side effects of using Rivotril may vary in different individuals. Such as some people may experience increased heart rate, changed sexual activities, diarrhea, cramps in abdomen, shivering etc.

However, on the other side, people may feel nausea, swelling on different parts of the body, blurred vision etc. Moreover, some may feel change in behavior and mood swings.

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