A Return & Refund Policy 

Policy Statement:

Discreet sleeping pills needs that all profits must be authorized and accompanied by a Discreet sleeping pills Return Merchandise Authorization. All returns are subject to prior approval.


Discreetsleepingpills will only accept returns from customers who have purchased the products directly from Discreetsleepingpills. If the product was not purchased directly from Discreetsleepingpills, please contact your wholesaler or distributor.

        • Products that were not in use more than six months ago.
        • Products that are faulty, in error, or damaged in shipping (accompanied by a signed bill of landing damage) if reported to 
        • A client can claim secret damage of product within ten (10) days of receipt.


Once praise has been made to the original return, any additional revenues towards the original debit memo or return authorization number will not be credited.

NON-RETURNABLE ITEMS: Products with portion numbers or expiration date missing, covered, removed or unreadable, damaged while in the customer’s possession at the warehouse or store level.

        • Products returned without approved authorization of Discreetsleepingpills.
        • Products damaged or deteriorated due to conditions beyond manufacturer control, such as improper storage or handling (heat stored under inappropriate conditions or exposed to fire, smoke, or water).
        • OTC (over the counter) items will not be given acclaim without it being from a sales order shipped in error or damaged in transit.
        • If the product of Discreetsleepingpills is not found in the original sealed container/ box.
        • Products that a client returns after or more than six months past the expiration date.
        • A client may receive Returns above sixty (60) days from the date of return Authorization.
        • An individual received the products with hidden damages and not reported within ten (10) days.


        1. Contact Discreetsleepingpills customer department in writing within three (3) business days of product receipt to the Email Address given below.
        2. Please include:


        1. Original Purchase Order
        2. The national Drug Code (NDC)
        3. Quantity affected
        4. The lot number and the expiration date of the product involved
        5. A brief explanation of the incident
        6. Photo evidence (if available)


Transportation and insurance charges on all returned merchandise are the customer’s responsibility except when due to an error on the part of Discreetsleepingpills, as determined by the company. If a package is lost in transit, Discreetsleepingpills is NOT responsible.

A refund Policy:

Our clients are valuable to us, but in some cases, we are

        • Discreetsleepingpills is powerless to restock drugs that you have already used unless you demand a refund because they were defective or faulty or 
        • You did not find the purchased drugs to be of acceptable quality. 
        • If your offer refund is approved, Discreetsleepingpills.com reserves the right to cut the amount you are entitled to as per the policy. 
        • The product’s value determines the amount that we are reducing. 

Note: – Please be aware that your data will be used in compliance with the terms and conditions set out.