Personal Information Protection Policy

Discreetsleepingpills correctly acknowledges the importance of protecting the personal information of a client. If anyone browses discreetsleepingpills web site, it protects all the data of browser & clients. Therefore, the company obeys all laws, acts, regulations, and rules regarding personal information, and it endeavors to handle and manage personal information both properly and safely.

 Discreetsleepingpills acts in harmony with the following provisions concerning the handling of personal information.

      1. Acquisition of Personal Information

Discreetsleepingpills will obtain the personal information by lawful and fair means.

      1. Use of Personal Information

Discreetsleepingpills will not use the client personal data elsewhere in the scope necessary to achieve these purposes of use.

Discreetsleepingpills shares the personal information with its overseas subsidiary companies; it will use the personal information following all applicable laws and regulations.

Discreetsleepingpills delegates a third-party contractor with the business of handling the personal information in whole or in part. It will check and select a contractor capable of adequately managing the personal information as to its contractor. Suppose Discreetsleepingpills jointly uses the personal data with a third party. In that case, it will notify the concerned person about the matters prescribed in-laws and regulations, including the scope of custom by the person jointly using the personal statistics, or will publicly announce these matters on this website, before jointly sharing the personal information with the third party.

      1. Providing of Personal Information to a Third Party

(1) Discreetsleepingpills will not provide the personal material of any client to any third party, except in any of the following cases.

      1. Such cases in which the concerned person’s prior consent is obtained;
      2. Personal information is disclosed in a manner that cannot identify the concerned person;
      3. Circumstances in which disclosure of the personal information is required by laws and regulations or by a public entity, such as a court or the police; or
      4. Those cases in which disclosure of personal information is otherwise acceptable under laws and regulations.

 (2) Discreetsleepingpills will provide the clients’ personal information, its subsidiary companies and organizations, wholesalers, and pharmaceutical companies. If the company receives a request from the concerned person, it will take reasonable action after confirmation of identity.

      1. Items to provide

 Client name, email address, residential address, telephone number, 

      1. way of provision

 Verbal, writing, electronic way, etc.

      1. Personal Information Control System 

Discreetsleepingpills will maintain the individual data precisely and conduct security control of such personal info. On the other hand, Discreetsleepingpills will prevent the loss, damage, falsification, leaks to outside the company, and unauthorized external access; it will also undertake strict security measures to safely manage the client’s data. Discreetsleepingpills implement SSL encrypted coding for a specific part of its website content.

      1. Disclosure of Retained Personal Data, etc.

If any person who is subject to Discreetsleepingpills retained personal data requests to disclose, correct, discontinue the utilization of, or erase the retained personal data, Discreetsleepingpills will respond to such request within the reasonable scope. 

      1. Internal Organization and Structure

Discreetsleepingpills will appoint company-wide personal information managers and will supervise its employees to handle the respective information and implement should be obliged. For this employee with appropriate education and training for such to ensure the protection of the client’s personal information.

 Determination of the Use of Personal Information

Discreetsleepingpills will need personal data to specify its purpose and retain and use the private information in an appropriate manner to the extent necessary to the company. Its tenacity of the use of personal data is as follows:

      1. Personal Information on Healthcare Professionals

      • To deliver, gather, review and communicate information on the proper use of drugs, drug samples, and others handled by Discreetsleepingpills.
      • Try to control the hold of delivery purposes and improve their network of specified biological products;
      • To mien research studies in medical and pharmaceutical fields;
      • To unveil gen following “Transparency Guidelines for Collaborative Relationships between Discreetsleepingpills and Medical Institutions,”
      • To lever complaints about our products and services;
      • To cultivate better communication among Healthcare Professionals;
      1. Personal data on Those Who Belong to Wholesalers of Medical Products

      • To drive the efficient promotion of Medical Products;
      • Provide authentic data, collect, review and communicate information on quality, safety and effectiveness of Medical Products;
      • To research delivery destinations, actual use, and user’s needs of Sleeping pills; to cultivate better results.
      1. Personal Information on Patients and General Public

      • To evaluate, investigate and respond to details of consultations, queries and communications; after using sleeping pills 
      • To support patient’s association;
      • To connect and maintain, respond to queries and make an explanation about users of sleeping pills
      1. Personal Knowledge on Participants in Clinical Studies (Subjects)

      •  Discreetsleepingpills usually obtains the info on health damage compensation and the information on patients and participants in clinical studies under the necessary measures that specific individuals could not be identified, but may acquire identifiable personal information; and
      • Human genome/gene analysis research: *Discreetsleepingpills does not obtain information with which an individual can be immediately recognized, such as name, etc.; however, the company may obtain genome data that corresponds to individual identification codes and safe to browse.